Wooden Stool Workshops


CHarlie Thacker



Come and learn the magic of greenwood from Charlie Thacker at the beautifully handcrafted Tree to Treen space at Grow wilder in Bristol.

On this practical 2 day workshop, you will learn how to turn a log of freshly cut British hardwood into a beautiful piece of furniture that you and your friends/ family will admire for many years to come. I’ve designed the workshop so you’ll leave feeling empowered to embark on your own green woodworking journey with enough experience to experiment with making a wide range of traditional products.

Day 1:

  • Theory of green woodworking: Practical demonstration and discussion about tools, cleaving, types of timber, grain direction, and joinery
  • Cleaving and shaping legs and wedges using traditional tools – froe, drawknife, spokeshave, shave horse

Day 2:

  • Shaping seat
  • Setting up and drilling compound angles
  • Assembly and finishing

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a wooden stool of your very own.

Wooden stools made on one of Charlie’s workshops.



Charlie Thacker

Charlie Thacker (@thackerwoodcraft) has been working with greenwood for a number of years now having been an apprentice at the Cherry Wood Project in 2018. He is currently based at the Estate of the Arts and turns beautiful bowls on both the pole and power lathe as well as being a very capable greenwood builder (He was a driving force behind the building of the workshop at Grow Wilder). He has a passion for making stools and we’re very lucky to have him offering up his extensive knowledge on at least two stool making courses in 2022. More information is available on his website.

Dates are still to be decided for 2022 stool making workshops, but get in touch via the contact page if you are interested.

Charlie Thacker