Women’s Pole Lathe Workshop





Spend a great day discovering how to turn a beautiful and functional wooden item from green wood on the pole lathe with Celi McCutcheon. Using hand-tools you’ll craft a functional object out of a log using an axe, drawknife and pole lathe learning many new skills on the way. Things you’ll learn include:

  • Wood selection
  • Splitting out the blank
  • Shaping the blank with an axe
  • Further shaping with a drawknife and shavehorse
  • Using a range of chisels on the pole lathe to turn the item
  • Finishing tips

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a beautifully turned wooden item of your very own.

Open to all women.

wooden mashers turned by Celi



Celi McCutcheon

Celi (@grownandmadewoodcraft) has been working with green wood for 11 years including completing an apprenticeship in woodland management and teaching green woodworking at the Cherry Wood Project near Bath. She is focused on making small useful items on the poles lathe, but is all about the connection between trees and the end product and enjoys all areas of woodland crafts and woodland management. She is a member of the craft council and the heritage craft association. You can read more about her work on her website.

Celi McCutcheon