Women’s Bowl Turning Workshop





Spend a great day discovering how to turn a beautiful wooden bowl from British wood on the pole lathe with Chelle Mateo. From log to bowl, you’ll learn the following processes:

  • Understanding the properties of different British timbers and choosing the right timber suitable for bowl turning
  • Using a froe to split the wood and how to mark out a bowl ‘blank’
  • How to use an axe safely
  • Learning to attach a mandrel and how to mount your blanks to the lathe correctly
  • Using and understanding different types of hand made turning tools
  • Using a range of chisels on the pole lathe to turn the item
  • Finishing touches; trimming, drying and oiling and/or painting your bowl

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a beautifully turned wooden bowl of your very own.

Open to all women.

The day can be physically demanding so you’ll need a practical level of fitness or a good level of stamina!

wooden bowls turned by Chelle



Chelle Mateo

Chelle’s (@chelle.mateo) passion for craft began in 2013 when she was introduced to green woodworking whilst volunteering with a woodland community called the Cherrywood Project. Since then she has helped to build cob houses, cob ovens, timber framed cabins, yurts, outdoor structures, and compost toilets; admiring the use of local resources intertwined with sustainable forestry and land use. Over the years she has had the privilege to learn from the best craftspeople who encouraged her to push my craft further, and now her main passion lies in making ash splint baskets, bowl turning and leather work.

She enjoys working off-grid with hand tools, using only hardwood that is locally sourced, from sustainably managed woodlands as part of a natural thinning and woodland regeneration process. It comes either from the outskirts of Bristol, Gloucestershire, or the South/West of Wales, and is naturally air dried or solar kiln dried.

She is a member of the Heritage Crafts Association and the Basket Makers Association.

You can read more about her work on her website.

Chelle Mateo