Willow Basketry Workshop





Why not come join Nadia Letitia to make your first basket this summer? This course will introduce you to the basic principles of basket weaving by taking you through a step-by-step process to create your own shallow basket. You will learn:

  • how to prepare willow for weaving
  • how to select suitable material
  • how to make a round base
  • how to choose stakes and stake up
  • how to weave a border and trim your basket

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a beautifully woven willow basket of your very own.

Learning these skills will give you the foundation to attempt future baskets to your own design!

variety of baskets made by Nadia



Nadia Letitia

Nadia Letitia is a self-taught willow weaver and nature crafts practitioner. She has been developing her teaching practice over a number of years doing basketry workshops at festivals and events and teaching on the Shift Bristol course. 

Day to day she works with and helps to facilitate courses for the Smallwoods Association in Coalbrookdale.

Nadia Clarke