Spoon Carving Workshops


Jeffrey Hart



Spend a great day discovering how to carve a beautiful and functional wooden spoon with Jeffrey Hart. You’ll go through everything you need to know to transform a green wood branch into a spoon. Things you’ll learn include:

  • Wood selection
  • Axing out a spoon blank
  • Safe and efficient knife grips
  • Hollowing the bowl.
  • Finishing oils
  • Tool buying advice

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a spoon of your very own.

Spoon Carving Course
A selection of spoons carved by Jeffrey



Jeffrey Hart

Jeffrey Hart (@jeffreythenaturalbuilder) is another greenwood builder who was instrumental in setting up the popular Hartwyn Builds course. He was also a founding member of the Bristol Spoon Club and has been teaching spoon carving for many years now. If you are just starting your spoon carving journey or keen to improve on certain aspects, then don’t miss his course this summer. To quote:

“I carve cooking and eating utensils from green wood, using just an axe and some very sharp knives. My joy comes from creating beautiful miniature sculpture pieces which are function utensils. If you have never eaten from a hand carved wooden eating spoon you are missing out, it will change your life!” – Jeffrey Hart

Jeffrey Hart and the Beetles