Spatula Carving Workshop



Note: Apologies, but unfortunately the 30th July Workshop has been cancelled due to low numbers.



Spend a great afternoon with Bristol Tree Craft crafting a beautiful spatula from green wood on their unique shavehorses. Starting with a section of log from locally harvested wood, they will guide you through how to use traditional green woodworking tools and techniques to shape, refine and decorate your very own spatula to take home.

Best of all, not only will gain all this knowledge, but you’ll come away a beautifully carved spatula of your very own.

Spatula Carving
wooden spatulas carved by Bristol Tree Craft



Bristol Tree Craft

Bristol Tree Craft (@bristoltreecraft) is a meeting point for craft and community. They provide opportunities for people to learn heritage crafts in Bristol’s urban green spaces. They make traditional green woodworking techniques accessible to all and aim to encourage creativity and personal development. They have a wide range of courses which they offer across a range of age groups.

They are Ben Doyle Pitt (@bendoylepitt) and Hugh Rose (@hughrose11).

You can read more about their work on their website.

Hugh and Ben
Hugh and Ben