Sycamore Heart-rot Bowl

Hand-crafted heart-rot sycamore bowl.
Diameter: 6.5″
From: Hookhouse Pottery, Tetbury
Wood Miles: 24miles
Carbon Stored: ~73g

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This bowl was ambitiously turned from a piece of sycamore that had significant heart-rot within it, which was probably the reason it was cut down as a limb of a big mature sycamore at Hookhouse Pottery near Tetbury. It was turned on a pole lathe (no electricity involved), and has resulted in an absolutely unique object. This hole in the side of the bowl precludes it’s use as a regular food-eating bowl, however, it could work well as a yarn bowl. It is just over 6.5″ across.

Nb. Only the bigger bowl in he photo is for sale!

It is finished with Treatex Hardwax Oil. A durable food-safe finish that doesn’t darken the wood from its original colour.

Wood miles: 24miles
Carbon Stored: ~73g

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(Care Instructions – No dishwashers, no microwaves, and avoid soaking for long periods of time.)


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