Kuksa Carving Workshop





People have been drinking from wooden cups for centuries. Come spend a great day learning how to make your own with Pete Lloyd . A kuksa is a handled vessel for hot or cold drinks originating in Scandinavia. Things you’ll learn include:

  • wood selection
  • axe and saw work to make the kuksa blank
  • Hollowing the cup
  • Safe and efficient knife grips
  • Finishing tips (oils etc)
  • Tool buying advice

Best of all, not only will gain all these skills and knowledge, but you’ll come away a kuksa of your very own, perhaps for drinking your morning coffee or your favourite tipple?!




Pete Lloyd

Pete Lloyd (@feralpete ) has extensive experience of wood-carving and tool-making. Part of the original Barton Hill greenwoodworking group, he has been carving spoons, kuksas and bowls for many years. As a recent assistant to Nic Westermann & Hewn & Hone in Wales he spent many months tool & jig making, including grinding and sharpening tools to the correct angles.

Pete Lloyd